Equitots is a program designed ideally for children from ages 3-6yrs. At this stage we do not focus on lesson and detailed riding instruction but offer a well rounded outdoor activity which comprises of the following:

  • a 15 to 20 minute pony ride
  • time to pet, brush and feed the ponies
  • a gentle introduction to yard safety and the workings of the yard, early riding instruction, care of ponies

Equitots is based at Hilton’s Buckingham Equestrian Centre. Set in a picturesque environment, Buckingham offers marvelous sites and sounds with abundant bird life, wildlife spotting and the wonderful activities of the yard. We have a selection of delightful ponies and provide hard hats for your convenience. An undercover area provides shade and a place for parents to sit and enjoy the views and relax whilst you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on us. Or if you like you are welcome to join us on our scenic pony walks! Pony rides will vary between the sand arena (in full view of the undercover area) and the scenic walks. Groups are run in a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 and times will depend on response and availability of students. Lessons may be postponed due to inclement weather. In the hotter summer months, a group may be asked to move to a later time due to extreme heat. We understand if you are unable to reschedule and a credit system against your account is maintained.

What to Bring:

  • water bottles (pref no glass)
  • sunhat for hot days and sun cream on exposed areas including the back of the neck
  • closed shoes are best. please check the shoes are a good fit else the slip off whilst riding
  • we find children are more comfortable in long pants. even on the hot days. the raw skin against the saddle and its components is way less comfortable than the heat from longs
  • if you like, a carrot or small apple for the ponies

The benefits of early child hood integration with an outdoor sport that combines empathy, fitness, responsibility and numerous neural activities has been well researched and proven. For some formative reading, click on the following links.