H.S.EBRAHIM SCHOOL ***** 20/11/2019

Northdale, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

Buckingham  Equestrian Center, had the privilage to be apart of the annual Christmas celebration.

Great excitement in having Santa clause arriving on a horse, accompanied by elves, mickey mouse and some additional Santas for extra fun. Absolute delight and surprise was seen on the childrens faces.

Students were encouraged to interact with our ponies. They were filmed and took photos and children had the opportunity to ride a pony.

Stay tuned for additional updates, pictures and future developments.

Many thanks to Kumaren Moodley for facilitating and choosing Buckingham Equestrian to provide our services.

We are looking forward to integrating with the school curriculum in 2020 and adding a new dimension with our equine based therapy.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Buckingham Equestrian is very pleased to announce that we are now able to facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy with our youngest rider being just shy of 3 years old! We are gladly accepting referrals from physiotherapists and through word of mouth.

The connection the students have with the ponies and visa versa, the fresh air and yard environment, to see their posture and confidence improve in leaps and bounds all combines for a priceless experience. The benefits and freedom of movement they feel through their session, customized to suit their abilities, is a truly wonderful a wonderful thing.

For further information and what we are able to offer please contact Tamara 0728202031

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“Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects children’s sensory and motor systems. Spending time on a horse has many proven benefits for most children with cerebral palsy, and assists with their neuromuscular development. Riding impacts their motor, cognitive, perceptual, sensory, social and psychological learning and is generally a fun outing to the stables.” Anthea Mitchell B.Sc (Physio) Registered Physiotherapist

“Hi Tamara. Thank you for such a great session for our Emily today!!! Brad said she did amazing!” Cheri Roberts Emily’s Mum